Dexy's goal is to bring world-class banking to emerging countries to help people connect to a more financially inclusive future.

Our -factor

We target a new generation of consumers that are dynamic, active and nomadic in nature. They’re connected to new industries, businesses and locations; however, they’re disconnected from the global financial system. This stops them from being truly connected, especially in today’s world. People can’t afford to stay local in this global world.

International workers, startup entrepreneurs, digital nomads, students, remote families, creators and influencers — we’re on a mission to make their lives better. We put together new technologies, digital tools and payment methods to solve real-world problems existing for decades. We want our clients to gain financial inclusion through the best digital banking eXperience they’ve been waiting for.

Our path forward

Emerging markets in the Americas, Asia and Africa have remained underbanked and unbanked for a long time. The new wave of fintech startups allowed those markets to move away from cash to local banking to solve basic needs. However, people in these emerging markets are still disconnected from global financial systems:  multi-currency accounts, worldwide payment rails and smooth money movements.

At the same time, the demand is high, as many people work remotely for international companies, travel, and work outside of their countries. We roll out our product to emerging markets in order to  help dynamic people financially connect to the world.

Message from the Founder

Igor Pesin, CEO

Dexy stands for Digital Experience and we want to make digital banking the new sexy.

Many people, especially the new generation, don’t like banks because they face so many issues and pains, especially when they need it internationally. 

Especially digital nomads, like myself, know these problems when exploring the world and moving from one place to another. I’m the first user of Dexy and I know these pains by myself!

New technologies in international onboarding and servicing (KYC, AML, remote access, security) made it possible to provide a full range of financial services worldwide and remotely in a secure and efficient manner. In addition, the new ways of payments, digital assets, and cross-border money movements evolved significantly — meaning now anyone in the world can be connected to the global financial system without hurdles and high costs. 

Our Hybrid Finance (HyFi) approach and flexible IT architecture allow us to combine different technologies, features and functionality into one safe, simple and easy-to-use product for your smooth and seamless digital banking experience.